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30th Aug 2015
(club item)
The Club's Annual Charity Exhibition is on Saturday 5th September- see the Home Page. And some tempting new models for sale on the Members Adverts page.
3rd Aug 2015
(scale item)
News and photos from Navy Day 2015 plus a postcard from the Guide Dog that the Club is sponsoring - see the Home Page. Also keep an eye on the Latest Photos gallery for some more photos taken on Navy day! (Note added 6th August: new photos now on the site).
30th June 2015
(scale item)
Lots of photos and several new models featured in the Latest Photos gallery. Fancy owning a square rigger, the Jolie Brise, Thames Barge, or Grand Banks Schooner?... go to the Members Adverts page. But hurry, this is a rare opportuity. Talking of "retail therapy" the Commercial Links page has been updated and changes include a link to the "Scalewarships" company of club member John Wills.
21st June 2015
(scale item)
David McNair-Taylor and John Tyberg have provided new photos of their models (from Sunday 14th June) which you can view in the Latest Photos gallery.
29th May 2015
(scale item)
Photos of the square riggers Black Adder and Margaret and the pilot cutter Jolie Brise braving a day of gusty winds on the 28th May are in the Latest Photos gallery.
25th May 2015
(scale item)
The Club is sponsoring a Guide Dog - see the Home Page. Several new models featured in the Latest Photos gallery, and the Photo Gallery Index page now has a link to the SRCMBC YouTube channel.
24th May 2015
(club item)
A report, results, and photos for the 2015 Met and Southern District 36R Championship held at Setley on the 16th May are on the Sailing Section Home Page.

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