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20th April 2014
(scale item)
Dave Reith has provided some impressive photos of his fine model of HMS Clyde...View the photos in the Latest Photos gallery.
27th March 2014
(scale item)
Some reference books have been donated featuring details of various warships, see the Members Information web page. Also David McNair-Taylor has provided more photos from his Topsail Schooner Trip, and Peter Taylor of his new (full size) boat, both were mentioned in the current newsletter. View the photos in the Latest Photos gallery.
7th March 2014
(scale item)
John Joughin has provided photographs of the maiden voyage of Cliff Newell's Shelduck (SRCMBC Yard No. 4); you can view them in the Latest Photos gallery. Also featured is a compilation of photos showing how Setley Pond has grown larger during the recent, extra-ordinary winter weather.
1st March 2014
(scale item)
The committee have reduced membership fees for 2014... see the Home Page! Lower costs and a much bigger pond... can't be bad! But watch out for deep water in the area between the flooded main car park and the top car park - as well as the pond. Wading in that area is not advisable due to deep holes and underwater obstructions.
17th February 2014
(club item)
Not much recent action at the flooded pond (photos on the Home Page) but the dates to look forward to in 2014 are now on our Diary Page. In the Adverts Section Ken Adams is searching for Model Boats Magazines; please contact him if you can help.
22nd January 2014
(club item)
A view of Setley Pond from the air on one day during January 2014 - go to the Scale Section Home page to view the video showing the pond, surrounding countryside, and a glimpse of IOM yacht racing from a totally new angle!
14th January 2014
(scale item)
You have probably noticed that the weather has been bad recently! Still the pond has now been more than well filled as you can see from the photos on the Home page!

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