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20th March 2015
(scale item)
News and photos from the very successful 2015 Highcliffe Exhibition are on the Home Page. Also new adverts on the Members Adverts page which has seen much recent activity with models and kits selling well - don't miss out!
2nd February 2015
(club item)
The 2015 Events programme is available on the Diary page. For details of the Highcliffe Exhibition see the Home Page.
12th January 2015
(scale item)
Happy New Year Everyone! Photos of a fleet of Shelducks can be seen via our Home Page as well as a burnt out car (not believed to be connected to the Shelducks!). And there are a number of new kits - complete and unstarted - available on our Members Adverts page - try making an offer!
30th December 2014
(scale item)
New member Mark Aldridge has provided some photos of his tug taken on Sunday 28th December, see them in the Latest Photos gallery.
16th December 2014
(club item)
Photographs from Graham Coombs of the Scale Section Christmas lunch; Hannah Wardropper visited the pond on Saturday 13th Dec. and photographed the AC class racing; and from the end of November, some photos of Nigel James's Dark Horse with her impressive genoa fore-sail set; all in the Latest Photos gallery.
25th November 2014
(club item)
Graham Coombs has sent in a report on the Yacht Racing section's Annual Presentation Luncheon (see either the Sailing Section Home Page or the Scale Section Home Page. Alan Bond's new Rudder Mixer (favourably reviewed in the latest MMI) is described in our Hints and Tips section. There are a number of new items for sale on our Members Adverts page - and boats are selling so look now!
16th November 2014
(scale item)
More photos of Nigel James's new 6m yacht model "Dark Horse" and the first photos of the fifth Shelduck to arrive at Setley Pond, this time a model by Colin Griffiths... see the Latest Photos gallery. And there are new items for sale on our Members Adverts page - it's worth checking it reqularly!

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