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26th April 2016
(scale item)
David Reith has provided some new photos of his Faulklands Patrol Ship HMS Clyde - see them in the Latest Photos gallery!
23rd April 2016
(scale item)
At last, some new photos from the pond in the Latest Photos gallery! A Heron, a Lifeboat, and more! Also see the Members Adverts page - your chance to own a submarine, Thaes Barge, or Aircraft Carrier.
15th March 2016
(club item)
Photos from the 2016 Highcliffe Show are on the Home Page and Ken Dyer is offering a International One Metre racing ysacht on the Members Adverts page.
12th February 2016
(scale item)
The Winter newsletter for 2016 is now available from the Newsletters Page.
26th January 2016
(scale item)
Events Dates for 2016 are now on the Diary Page and Paul Nixon is offering two (untouched) kits and also a Tug with Barge combination on the Members Adverts page.
18th January 2016
(scale item)
On the Home Page you will find a link to a video showing Reg Radley's Grand Banks schooner as viewed from the bridge of Dave Reith's minsweeper HMS Penzance. There too you will find a note about viewing the SCRMBC videos. The recent video showing Setley Pond from the air (together with a video from 2014 showing the pond in flood) have now been added to the Introduction to Setley Pond page.
12th January 2016
(club item)
Happy New year! On the Home Page you will find a link to a video showing the pond on Sunday (10th January) viewed from the air!

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